Is Copper a Useful Scrap Metal?

In all metal recycling, copper is one of the most used and reused materials of all. Metals like steel and aluminium are well-known for their ability to be recycled but copper is just as useful in this regard. Approximately 700 million tons of copper have been dug out of the ground around the world and there is plenty more copper ore that could be mined. However, because there is so much copper already in use in recyclable products, it does not need to be mined intensively. Read More 

Some Common Places You Can Find Valuable Scrap Metal

Metal is one of the easiest and most valuable materials that you can recycle, with some types of metal like aluminium being able to be reused an infinite amount without losing its inherent properties. Because it is so easy to recycle a lot of metal, there is a huge market for scrap metal all around the globe, and Australia is no exception. If you are looking for a spare bit of cash or just want to do your part and help recycle as much of your old equipment as possible, then here are three common places where you could find scrap metal inside. Read More 

Reasons Your Bookkeeping Service Needs Document Shredding

Professional document shredding is a service many businesses use. As a bookkeeping service, there are various reasons to consider using this type of business service. This is especially true if you maintain hard copy records rather than digital or cloud-based records for your clients. Here are a few of the reasons your bookkeeping service needs this type of shredding service this year.  Financial Documents The top reason your bookkeeping service needs document shredding services this year deals with the financial documents your business keeps. Read More