Reasons Your Bookkeeping Service Needs Document Shredding

Professional document shredding is a service many businesses use. As a bookkeeping service, there are various reasons to consider using this type of business service. This is especially true if you maintain hard copy records rather than digital or cloud-based records for your clients. Here are a few of the reasons your bookkeeping service needs this type of shredding service this year. 

Financial Documents

The top reason your bookkeeping service needs document shredding services this year deals with the financial documents your business keeps. Each client you have uses their personal banking information and financial records for their bookkeeping requests and tax preparation needs. You may have a security or liability issue if your business is broken into or robbed. By using a document shredding service, you can have these documents shredded while the vital information is kept in a safe environment such as a virtual cloud program. Keep in mind, financial documents are an easy way for someone to steal and use another person's identity. If you use a document shredding company, you can inform your clients of this additional secure step you are taking to protect your clients' privacy.

Old Client Files

Many businesses, especially bookkeeping and accounting-based businesses, keep old client files. These files can go back as far as five or more years. They also tend to take up large amounts of room in storage areas of your business. If this is the case, you may need to have these documents removed safely. Document shredding is one of the safest ways to have these documents removed permanently. The shredding service can ensure that none of the private client information or numbers will be found or readable. In fact, many shredding services will perform two-way shredding that shreds both horizontally and vertically, leaving nothing readable. 

Routine Seasonal Shredding

Your bookkeeping service may offer year-round services to your clients. This is especially true if you offer services to your freelance clients that need quarterly taxes prepared. Ongoing monthly receipts and information may be kept for one-time clients as well. By using document shredding, you can ensure their information is kept private and secure, even during the removal stages of the documents from your business. 

These are just a few of the reasons your bookkeeping company needs to use document shredding this year. If you have questions or if you are ready to order this service for your business, contact your local provider. They can answer questions regarding fees, service options and getting started with the service.

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