Two Situations in Which You Should Use a Document Shredding Service

Here are two situations in which it would be sensible to use a document shredding service.

You have been tasked with disposing of a lifetime's worth of paperwork left behind by a deceased relative

If you have been asked to dispose of a deceased relative's paperwork, which accumulated over several decades, then you should not try to shred this yourself but should instead take it all to a document shredding centre, where it will be shredded and recycled. The reason for this is that you cannot safely throw away another person's collection of paperwork into your own recycling bin without shredding it unless you know for certain that none of it contains confidential information. As it could take weeks or months to go through a lifetime's worth of paperwork, you would have to shred it all if you did not have the time to go through each and every document. However, attempting to shred all of this paperwork yourself with a domestic paper shredder could also take forever, as domestic shredders are not designed to be used for the shredding of vast quantities of paperwork and will usually overheat if used for too long.

In this situation, the fastest and most effective way to dispose of this paperwork would be to have the paperwork shredded by a document shredding company. In addition to being a much quicker way of disposing of it, this would also be safer than shredding it yourself, as there will be far less risk, for example, the heavy-duty commercial shredders used by this company failing to fully shred a confidential document, in the way that a domestic paper shredder could.

You're closing down a business and have a huge number of client-related documents and files

If you're closing down a business and have a very large number of client-related documents that you must dispose of, then it's best to use a document shredding company's shredding and recycling service. The reason for this is that you have a duty, as a business owner, to handle any paperwork related to your clients in a responsible manner and to ensure that it is disposed of in a way that won't compromise your clients' privacy.

The best way to ensure that this paperwork is safely shredded and disposed of is to get it done by a professional document shredding company, as they have procedures in place to ensure that any paperwork they receive is stored securely until it is time for it to be shredded. This means that there is no possibility of documents going missing before this shredding takes place. Then, after the paperwork has been shredded, they can provide you with a certificate to confirm that the documents you provided have been shredded and recycled. This certificate will not only provide you with peace of mind but could also be useful, should a former client whose paperwork you previously handled ever try to suggest that, for example, you disposed of it without shredding it, in a way that could compromise their personal information.