How to Get Rid of an Old Car

It might be easy to sell a used car that's in relatively good condition, but what about an older car with lots of rust and mechanical issues, or a vehicle that doesn't even start? While there isn't necessarily a large pool of potential buyers for a car in poor condition, you might have more options than you realize for getting that vehicle off your hands and out of your driveway! Check out a few suggestions for what you might do with your old, used car no matter its condition.

Used Car Lots

A new car dealer might not be interested in a car with high mileage and lots of mechanical issues, but remember that used car lots specialize in older cars! A used car lot might even have a waiting list of buyers looking for a very affordable vehicle that simply runs, no matter the amount of rust, body damage and so on. Check with owners of larger lots that already offer very old cars as they might be more willing to purchase your vehicle.

Donate the Car

Charitable organizations often take donations of cars no matter their condition. A charity might even work with a local towing company, arranging to have a nonworking vehicle towed to their facility, a local car dealer or an auction yard.

While a charity might not pay for a car, remember that you can probably deduct the value of that car from your taxes at the end of the year just as you would any other charitable donation! Be sure to get a receipt from the charity so your paperwork is in proper order at the end of the year.

Cash for Cars

Cash for cars is an excellent option for very old vehicles in extremely poor condition, especially those that need extensive repairs. Many cash for cars companies buy older cars for parts alone; they might have their own scrap yard or work with a nearby yard to dismantle and strip the car, cleaning and then reselling individual parts. Parts that can't be resold, such as the car's metal body, a broken windshield and worn rubber belts, are often sold to recycling facilities.

A company that accepts cash for cars will typically have their own tow truck or work with a tow company to pick up cars. If your vehicle is not roadworthy or has expired tags and can't be driven legally, a cash for cars company may be a good option for getting rid of that vehicle