Use recycled scrap metal to grow vegetables in a limited space

Recycling some of the scrap metal in your home will allow you to create a vegetable patch in a small garden, or limited space.

Use empty tin cans and aluminium food trays to grow the seedlings

Collect a number of empty tin cans. Make sure that the lid of each can has been completely removed. Wash the cans thoroughly. Carefully drill a small hole in the bottom of each can, then line them with small stones. Fill the cans about two thirds full with potting soil. Plant a seedling in each can.

Arrange the tins in a rectangular aluminium food dish. This will catch the extra water and will also allow you to move the plants if you need to. Do not pack the cans too tightly into the container. If you are concerned that the aluminium catch tray will not be strong enough to be able to pick up the cans, then you should put two or three trays together. This entire dish of plant containers can be placed where it is convenient for you until the plants are large enough to be planted in your vegetable patch or garden.

Create reinforced hangers from which you can hang your garden equipment

Attach two or three hangers together with thin wire or cable ties to make a strong hanger. Put a nail in the wall and hang this created hanger from it. Now you have a place to hang the equipment you may need to keep your vegetable garden running. You should create as many strong hangers like this as you need to accommodate all your equipment.

Some of the equipment you will use for your vegetable gardening will be garden gloves and even an overall. These can be hung from ordinary wire hangers hanging from nails in the wall.

Use several metal coat hangers to create a fence for your vegetable patch.

Use a pair of pliers to take several metal coat hangers apart. Bend the pieces of wire into even shaped hoops. Plant the one end of the first hoop in the ground so that it stands alone. Plant the second hoop so that one leg crosses over the leg of the other. Join the two hoops with a small piece of wire or a small cable tie. This will create a low fence around your vegetable patch, which will discourage people from walking across the growing plants.