Five Essential Items You Need to Start a Successful Scrap Metal Collection Business

Are you thinking about starting a scrap metal collecting business? If so, there are a few supplies that can help. If you want to be able to collect as much scrap metal as possible and have a successful business, you need the following items:

1. Smartphone or Computer

While you can make a bit of extra money picking up aluminum cans on the side of the road or just recycling the scrap metal you have at your home, the real cash lies in being able to find as much scrap metal as possible. Ideally, you need to find people who are throwing out old appliances, old grills and other items.

So that you can connect with them, you need a smartphone, a tablet or other device that allows you to easily look for free scrap metal ads online.

2. Trailer

If you already have a ute, fill it up with scrap metal. However, if you don't have a ute, or if you want to protect the bed of your ute, invest in a utility trailer. You can pull small trailers with a range of vehicles, and they are often relatively inexpensive to buy.

3. Straps and Tarps

If you buy an old horse trailer or an enclosed utility trailer, you don't need straps and tarps. However, if you are hauling loads in the back of your ute or on a flat-bed trailer, you need to secure the load.

Failing to secure the load with straps and tarps can warrant a fine of up to $400, and if anything falls off your trailer, it could cause a serious accident.

4. Appliance Dolly

To protect your back, invest in an appliance dolly. Ideal for holding old dryers, dishwashers or other large metal appliances, these dollies feature wide bases and straps for securing the load.

Paired with a ramp on your trailer, they make scrap collection a lot easier and faster.

5. Utility Buckets

While you may collect many large appliances or even sheet metal, in many cases, you are going to be collecting small metal items such as nuts and bolts, paperclips, old metal tools or small off-cuts of sheet metal.

So that you don't have to waste time sorting these items, buy several utility buckets. Designate one bucket for each type of metal. If the scrap metal recycling center charges to sort metals, you save on those fees, helping you to net more cash from your business.